Monday, 22 April 2013

64 weeks down ... 117 pounds down [with pics]

Last week was a great week, progress-wise.  I kept working on my sodium to hold it in my target zone, my sugars continued to be great, and my weight went down.  Sounds like a trifecta I can get behind.

Overall, I lost 2.5 pounds last week, to bring me to 216.9 pounds, and 117 pounds lost. 

As mentioned, my sodium and fasting blood sugar figures are on track as well, although the sugars were creeping up there by the end of the week:

I had a nice thing happen Friday afternoon.  One of our trade mark associates who is presently on maternity leave came into the office to show off her child.  I'm not 100% sure why people do this, because it's not as if we secretly harbor doubts that she had a baby and she had to show it off to prove that she was entitled to the mat leave, or anything.  Anyhow, the baby was darling, and all the cooing and giggling she did caused every woman within 10 feet to immediately ovulate.  Too bad for the lone male trade mark associate who was just down the hall - - sure, he's now more aware of his sensitive side, but on the down side, I am sure he experienced some breast tenderness with all the estrogen floating in the air.

Back to the point, which is that this female associate had not seen me since she went off on mat leave last November, and she was a little shocked at my appearance.  "Oh my god, look at you!" she exclaimed, and then asked how much weight I had lost.  Guessing, I told her that I had lost 60 pounds (actually it was only 50 pounds, but I was close enough).  She was suitably impressed. 

I don't really see a huge sifference between now and last November (see below), but I sure as heck can tell a difference from before I started working out:

It's all headed in the right direction, anyways.  Here's where I stand on the goals for the week:

I am less than 20 pounds away from onederland (!), and only one large bale of hay and a pound of butter away from my target. 

This past weekend was more social than normal, and it definitely involved rather more margaritas, enchiladas, ice cream and carrot cake than the usual weekend, so this week may be a difficult one, weight loss-wise.  In anticipation of a struggle, I have increased my free weights from 4 sets of 12 to 5 sets of 10.  Hopefully that will help. 


  1. Oh, my goodness. You continue to amaze me! You are Incredible. I also love your humor!

  2. If CSIS put out a "Wanted" poster with your original picture on it, I could walk right past you on the street and NOT be able to point my finger and shout, "There she is!" It's a different face altogether!