Saturday, 5 July 2014

Help! Which hat to wear to the races?

Help!  The Nerd and I are going to the Queen's Plate tomorrow (the Canadian equivalent of the Kentucky Derby), and I need help deciding which hat to wear.  Hats are apparently the thing to do, you see, so I went out and picked up a black hat that looks very nice with my outfit:
As you can see, it is black to go with the black and white dress, and is jaunty without being overbearing.  But is it enough for the infield of the racetrack?

Today the Nerd and I were shopping for a bowtie for him when we spotted The Big Hat.  Black with a white brim accent, it is Very Large Indeed.  Just the kind of overwrought hat that you often see at British weddings and Churchill Downs. 
Forgive the strange face in the photo - I was talking and got caught mid-comment.  The Big Hat is a real showstopper, but I think that I have the height to carry it off.  Worse comes to worse, I can always take it off and use it as a giant frisbee or sunshade. 

So, dear readers, which hat should I wear to the fancy horse race tomorrow? 

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  1. I vote for the first one! :) But then again, I'm not much of a showy person, so that's why I like the very simple, smallish one :D