Saturday, 3 January 2015

Personal trainers work in a variety of ways...

As you know, I have been working with a personal trainer (aka "Mr. Fitness") since shortly before Christmas.  Although Mr. Fitness is a trained homeopath, that's not really my thing and I am working with him solely for the personal training.  This has been good for me on a variety of levels.

First and foremost, Mr. Fitness is kicking my ass.  So far he has set up a "pull" workout and a "push" workout, and he has hinted at an "absolutely killer conditioning workout" for next week [sidebar: I really need to teach Mr. Fitness about foreshadowing].  Each of the workouts have pushed me physically to the point where I feel their effects for a couple of days.  I am using new equipment (like my new kettle bells) and using some of my old equipment (like my balance ball) in new ways. 

He is also teaching me proper technique, something I have been lacking in my solo workouts, and he has introduced me to high intensity interval training, which I had never tried before.  At the very least he has shaken me out of my routine and taught me new skills, which can only benefit me in the long term.

But there's another benefit to hiring a trainer - - accountability.  Mr. Fitness has set up my routines in a convenient app and web interface called Trainerize, and I can not only see what I am doing at a glance, so can Mr. Fitness.  Knowing that Mr. Fitness will know if I have been skipping workouts motivates me to do workouts when I would otherwise be tempted to shirk. 

This is the toughest time - - after I am getting back into things, but with the sodium and bad habit hangovers from the holidays still lingering.  My work routine has been irregular too with the holidays, which doesn't help.  Things are slowly getting back to normal, and by the end of next week I will be back into a more comfortable rhythm.  Hopefully...!

But for now things are still a challenge, and it is a battle of wills not to snack all day every day, and to get my workouts done (especially if I don't do them first thing in the morning).  Having accountability to an external source like Mr. Fitness helps me to be more accountable to myself. 

Today is a classic example.  The Nerd and I got up early thinking that we would have to drive out of town to bring fish from the Market to the Matriarch, who has been unable to come downtown for several weeks.  Because a storm was forecast, we didn't want to linger but rather get a head start, so I did not work out as soon as I got up (which is my usual pattern).  As it happens the Market was closed (d'oh!), so the shopping trip and visit was cancelled.  And there was me with no workout...

What to do, what to do?  Recently it has been simply too easy to let things slide, skip the workout and try and eat below my calorie limit.  There's nothing inherently wrong in that, but it undermines the discipline of the routine that I am trying to re-establish, because the routine involves regular workouts. 

I was still struggling with this moral dilemma when I remembered that Mr. Fitness sees when I check in on the Trainerize interface.  Whups!  Time to get on the elliptical and bang out a HIIT cardio workout.  So I did that, and now I feel great for having worked out.  Moral dilemma resolved.

Week 1 of the new routine is in the books, and I am shedding the water weight from all the sodium I consumed over the holidays. 

Future weeks will not show such dramatic losses, but it's gratifying to get this jump start regardless.

I took my measurements last week when I was starting out, and I also took another set of photos, but since it has only been a week there is really nothing to see in the way of difference yet.  We'll see where things stand after a full month of Mr. Fitness kicking my ass - - what is left of it!

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  1. Glad you have Mr. Fitness for accountability! I enjoy reading your updates.