Friday, 22 June 2012

Hot Times in the City

Photo courtesy Matsuyuki, licensed CC-BY SA
It has been a week of record hot temperatures in the city this week, with humidex readings over 40 degrees centigrade most of the week.  The only good news - it's *only* 30-some degrees with the humidity today after a rainstorm last night, so the humidity has broken somewhat.  It's still damn hot for someone who wears all-black to work every day (like yours truly), and I am still suffering whenever I step outside, but what can you do?  I am a slave to my funereal clothing choices.

The big move was last week, when I packed up and moved all the way across the street (!).  It was the worst of all possible moves, because it was close enough that we could do a lot of moving ourselves, but not all of it, what with all the books and furniture.  This meant that I had to pack everything up, only to unpack it again, within sight of the old apartment - talk about frustrating!

Photo by Maggie Q. Magniloquent, some rights reserved
... and crippling.  Don't forget crippling.  The new place has stairs - lots of them - and unpacking meant lots of trips up and down to bring things from the living room to the bedrooms and storage room, several flights below.  

Thanks to the move, my good routines were disrupted.  I was not able to work out last Friday, as the workout equipment was not entirely set up in its new location in the guest bedroom.  And who knows where the scale was - certainly not me!  Plus, with the move and unpacking came more eating out than normal, as the kitchen was in no shape for cooking, which meant that our past habit of healthy meals was somewhat on the back burner, exchanged for panzarotti from Pizza Pizza, subs from Subway, and a celebratory Mexican feast at Habaneros on Wellington.  

Photo by Maggie Q. Magniloquent, some rights reserved
All is now unpacked, and, with another week of workouts under my belt, the routine is now back on track.  After this little interlude I have gained two pounds, but I am confident that I will quickly get rid of those and consider them to be only a minor blip.  I have still lost more than 30 pounds, and did not cross back into 300+ pound territory, so that is good.  And I look at this past week and how unusual it has been both for the amount of eating out, and the disruption to the routine, as an outlier, and gaining back a little has not demotivated me.  

I consider it a major triumph that after the move I got right back into the workout routine, and completed all 5 planned workouts this week, despite the heat and despite not wanting to work out.  Sure, some days I had to trick myself by saying I was only going to work out for 10 minutes on the bike rather than the full 20, but I ended up doing the full 20 on the bike every day this week, plus the 2 minutes on the rowing machine at high intensity.  Each workout left me dripping and a hot pink mess, but that is to be expected with the heat that we've been having this week.  I may try putting the fan on in the room while I work out, just for air circulation, and see if that helps at all.   

Onward and (hopefully) downward!


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