Friday, 29 March 2013

What a week!

This week was more of the same (in terms of workouts and nutrition), with somewhat more focus on sodium levels and water consumption.  And boy howdy, did the consistent approach pay off again this week: I lost 4.8 pounds this week for a total of 111.3 pounds lost to reach 222.6 pounds.  The weight loss to date represents exactly 1/3 of my starting weight, and 2/3 of my overall weight loss goal.  My BMI is now 32.9, down 16.4 points from the high of 49.3.  44 weeks without a missed workout are paying off!

After this week's loss, I am averaging a loss of 1.8 pounds per week, and I am still on track to reach my goal:
Since this is the end of the month (almost, at any rate), I took my measurements:

I am always surprised at how I continue to lose inches each month.  This month I lost an inch off my bust and waist, a half an inch off my hips, and a quarter of an inch off my thighs.  The three and a quarter inches lost this month add up to more than 45 and a half inches lost total.

I am particularly thrilled with my inches lost this month because it moves me officially into size 18.  I have lost 4 clothing sizes since I have started this little adventure.  My 2 size 20 suits are now getting obviously big, and I get a lot of compliments on my size 18 suits that are now fitting well. 

I mentioned that this week I have started looking at my sodium consumption.  So far the attention to sodium has caused me to make different food choices, but successfully - - each day this week my sodium has been within the 1,500 mg - 2,300 mg recommended range.  And for March month to date, my sodium has averaged 2,135 mg, down from 2,481 mg in February.  I like that trend, which is heading in the right direction.

As for my fasting blood sugar, this also trended in a positive direction this month.  This month to date I had normal readings 24% of the time, down slightly from last month (which were normal 26.9% of the time).  But my average blood sugar reading was 5.7 this month, down from 5.8 last month.  That's what I like to see.

So where do I stand with respect to my goals?

I am thrilled with this month's results - - I am less than 20 pounds away from being merely overweight, and less than 60 pounds away from my final goal.  That is fantastic!

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