Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

Photo licensed CC-By eric.surfdude
Well, more than a week after the infamous New York trip, and I am back in the saddle.  I worked out every weekday last week (right on schedule), and even this week on the holiday Monday, when I could have been sleeping.  That suggests that I have been working out enough to develop - gasp - a routine.  A hated, loathed, routine, to be sure, but a routine nonetheless.

I bit the bullet and got back on the scale, and after my Italian restaurant excesses and a week of madly working out, found that I had gained 1.4 pounds (to 322.9 lbs) from the last weigh-in before the trip.  All things considered, and by this I mean all "cream sauces", "melted cheese", "delicious pasta", and "glasses of wine" considered, that's pretty good. Plus, I knew that going off the workout routine combined with eating way more meals out (3 meals in restaurants in 2 days, compared to zero meals in restaurants in the average week) would combine to result in some backsliding, so it's not like this was unexpected.  The amount gained, however, is a nice surprise, as it's relatively little. 

My knees are not hurting as much as last week, but my back is a bit stiff from all the napping I was doing over the long weekend.  It's six of one, half dozen of the other, really.  But nothing terribly painful on the walk into work this morning, so that's good.

It's almost time for the end of the month measurements, and I am actually looking forward to that, if only for the positive reinforcement.  I cannot have worked out all month and lost nothing in terms of inches, it just is not possible. 

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