Friday, 24 February 2012

Riding High

Well, another week is in the books, and as you can tell from the ever-so-tiny chart, above, I worked out every day this week.  So far in February, in fact, the only weekdays I did not do some form of workout were the two days I spent eating my way through New York City. 

Photo Licenced CC-BY-NC-ND Jarod Carruthers
So about I still carrying around that delicious creamed shrimp and ravioli?  In a word - NO.  Not only did I lose weight as compared to last week, but I also lost weight as compared to where I stood prior to NYC.  In all, I have lost 15.9 pounds, down 3.5 pounds from my pre-New York weight, and down 4.9 pounds from last week.  Obviously New York was a mere blip on the road to weight loss, but it's still extremely gratifying to see that I have made such progress.

I haven't really started to notice a change in my physical appearance, but then, the changes to me are so gradual that it's hard to tell.  Generally, however, I tend to begin to notice changes around 20 pounds lost, so I'm looking forward to that.  I really should take photographs (disguised to protect the innocent, of course), so I can document changes in those dog days of next summer when I am feeling like the weight will never come off.

I had a couple of milestones this week (in addition to the weight loss).  I used the stairs a couple of times yesterday to get to the reception area of my firm, which is a floor above my office.  Normally I am the world's laziest human, and I take the elevator.  What surprised me is that it didn't feel too bad, either. 

The other milestone was actually walking home from work one night this week, rather than cabbing it or taking the streetcar.  I just started off walking, and it didn't feel too bad, so I kept going.  My back started to get a little tight with about a block to go, but overall, the walk was fine.  Certainly definite progress from prior to this little adventure, when walking a single block would leave me winded and virtually crippled. 

All in all, it was a good week.  Let's see if we can maintain this momentum moving forward.

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