Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Walking to work on a grey and dreary day

Photo by o5com, licensed CC-By
I worked out yesterday and this morning, and my partner suggested walking in to work this morning (instead of driving or taking the streetcar).  No problem, I thought, since I am getting so much more fit.

And...it wasn't bad.  I still have that thing where my lower back tightens up more and more with each step, until I am a mass of pain, but it was manageable this morning.  I didn't have to stop and stretch it out, at least, unlike some mornings.

All in all, not a bad walk.  Granted, I only live 8 minutes (3 blocks) from my office, but we're talking baby steps here, people.

My routine will be disrupted this week because tomorrow I am flying to New York City on business.  I am dreading the whole airport / security / squishing my big ol' self into airplane seats thing.  I am also dreading getting around town, and hoping that the partner with whom I am travelling does not want to walk to all our meetings and sessions, as I don't think I can physically handle it.  I hate being this way - too concerned about my physical limitations, to properly enjoy the boondoggle.  I used to love traveling and the adventure of it all.  Now?  Not so much - travel puts all my limitations into sharp relief.

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