Monday, 26 March 2012

Long time, no write...

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Well, it's been a couple of weeks since I've written.  I must confess to sticking my head in the sand, as I have not weighed myself in a while.  Yes, ok, I weighed myself a week ago Friday, and I had gained some weight back from my so-far low point of 313.7.

I was depressed about that, and ate all sorts of junk food at various parties that weekend, and then did not work out once the following week.  I was too horrified at the thought of where I stood after a week of debauchery to even think of looking at the scale last Friday, and so I didn't. 

So...all in all, not a great month so far, after such a great month in February.  Very distressing.  :-(

However, I am back on the wagon this week - no bingeing, no rich meals between now and Friday, and - most importantly of all - I am back on the exercise wagon.

I've stepped up my workout routine to 12 minutes of recumbent bike plus 2 minutes of rowing machine, plus 3 sets of bicep curls, shoulder raises, and tricep presses x 15 on M-W-F.  On Tu-Th I am doing 15 minutes of recumbent bike + 3 minutes of rowing.

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So what am I noticing after these months of working out?  20-ish pounds and several inches lost.  Definitely more energy walking, and although I still have intermittent sore knees and/or sore back after walking for a while, overall I am much more limber than I was before starting to work out.

I was a bit of an idiot and pulled my groin again by lifting my very heavy knapsack full of camping gear - I can carry it comfortably, but it's brutal to get on to my back, which is how I messed up my old groin pull.  But that was last week, and this week I am trying to be ever so good, what with the not pushing myself too hard stuff.

So, to recap, February I was a good girl and worked out every weekday other than two of the days I was in NYC.  March I was great for the first two weeks, before I sabotaged myself.  Now it is back on the wagon and no more binges for me, for now.  Fingers crossed!  ;-)

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