Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I wish I had ankles...

Here is a picture of my feet in the sand of Myrtle Beach, taken in August of 2007.

On looking at photos from this trip, I think I am lighter now than I was then.  My face appears thinner, and the shorts I am wearing in the photos are at least 2 sizes too large now.  I have changed quite a bit.

What hasn't changed - - I still have no ankles.  Yes, I have to admit it, I have cankles.  It's a shameful secret that I hide by preferentially wearing pants to hide my little Lulu legs. 

I envy those women with ankles. I see women of size in my office and on the streets all the time with delicate feet and lovely, well defined ankles, and I am jealous.  Me, I have these spatulate, size 11 hooves that come at the end of my tree trunk legs without even a hint of an ankle.

I hope that I will eventually develop ankles as I continue to lose the weight.  I say "I hope so", because I have yet to stumble across exercises that allow me to spot train my ankles.  For some reason, the ankle does not appear to be a focus area for most people.  Perhaps it's because they, like most people, have ankles without needing to do anything special. 
Perhaps having cankles is genetic - - I saw an episode of Making the Team (the reality show about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders) (don't judge - you knew I had a dark side...!), and one of those size 0 girls trying out for the team had cankles and it was enough to keep her from moving on to the next round.

I would love to wear more skirts and dresses, but I am sensitive about my utter lack of definition in the ankle area.  Cheekbones and clavicles I will eventually get.  I can only hope that ankles come along for the ride...!

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