Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tough week, but I just have to keep going

Photo courtesy Michael Summers, licensed CC-BY-SA-ND
It has been a difficult week this week, after such a weekend of triumph.

Last weekend I broke the 50 pounds lost mark, and went on my first 4.4 mile walk.  I had broken through a plateau and was riding high.

This week, however, it seems that every time I get on the scale the number is bigger.  Today it was a full pound heavier than yesterday, which was heavier than the day before.  Fortunately I only log my weight once a week, on Fridays, but the trend is still extremely frustrating.  Especially since with only a day to go before my official weigh in, it will take a miracle to hold steady.

What was puzzling me is the cause.  I was exercising every morning, religiously - in fact, I haven't missed a workout in almost 15 weeks.  I was eating pre-planned meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner, ensuring that I was eating enough calories to avoid going into starvation mode.  I was not doing any late night snacking, or cheating that would put me over.  I was drinking no less than 12 and sometimes as much as 15 glasses of water a day.  And still I gained.  It's not that time of my cycle, so why? 

I was talking to the Nerd about it this morning and it turns out that the sausage cassoulet may be the culprit.  According to the recipe, a full serving is rich, but doable.  The carbs and calories are somewhat high, but well within my plan, especially when worked into a thought out meal plan.

Except...not so much.  The Nerd did not measure the sausage.  While the recipe calls for a pound of sausage (which in some cases is 4 links, but not always), he did not weigh the meat and simply used 4 links.  And these are big links.  Judging by the effects (and their size), these suckers are easily double the allotted weight called for in the recipe. 

And so, with all the best intentions in the world, the Nerd has been undermining my efforts this week, albeit unknowingly.  And I have been the unwitting participant in undoing all of the hard work for the past two weeks at least. 

I just feel so depressed right now.  I have been so disciplined, and have been doing everything according to the plan, and then a failure to measure bites me in the proverbial ass.  It was all I could do to drag myself into work this morning, because I cannot face having to re-do all of that good work. 

And I can't even get mad at the Nerd, because he certainly would not knowingly sabotage me.  It's his freewheeling cooking style that has finally come home to roost. 

I have a kitchen scale - - it looks like we're going to have to get a lot better at using it. 

The only ray of sunshine in this otherwise bleak day?  I feel absolutely no desire to emotionally eat.  That's a win, right?

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