Sunday, 24 February 2013

It's Alive...!

So yesterday my little Fitbit went swimming.  Unintentionally.  It turns out that washing machines and Fitbits are not a good combination - - who knew?

As soon as I rescued the little guy and we dried it off as best we could with a dish towel we put the Fitbit into the "Fitbit Dry Dock", aka a container of basmati rice (lovingly labelled by the Nerd in a fit of whimsy).
The specific choice of basmati rice is not, I think, the important part - - it is the fact that it is rice, any rice, that is the point.  Rice is apparently a brilliant desiccant if the Fitbit message boards are to be believed. 

All my sources said that I should leave the Fitbit in the rice for 24 hours to let it properly dry out.  Which was a bummer, because the Nerd and I went on that 2.8 mile walk to and from the grocery store yesterday, and it would have been fun to track the steps.  Oh well. 

Well late last night I finally snapped after a mere 12 hours of "dry dock", and I tried the Fitbit.  Guess what?
It's alive!  Yes, the impromptu swim does not appear to have permanently taken my Fitbit out of commission, and although my step numbers for this week will be slightly lower than they might have been otherwise, it is a small price to pay for having the little guy back safe and sound and (apparently) none the worse for wear.  Yay!

Next time I will check my bra before flinging it into the wash, just in case I have forgotten the Fitbit.  I can't assume that I would be so lucky twice.  Whew!


  1. Good for you! And thanks for the tip about the rice.

    (notbonjovi on MFP)

  2. That has happened to me...on more than one occasion...and fitty has survived...she is one tough cookie!!!!!