Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My cups no longer runneth over...

It's finally happened. 

I have lost enough weight - - and inches - - that my lingerie (aka "festive plumage") is starting to get too big. 

This is a momentous occasion for several reasons, not the least of which is that I was beginning to wonder if I had miraculous laws-of-physics defying bras that looked full no matter how many inches I lost off my bustline. 

After all, I've lost more than 9 inches off my bust, and surely some of those inches would go missing from the bra-area, right?  It didn't feel like it.  I really haven't noticed that my lingerie looks any different.  It wasn't that I hadn't observed it, it's that I simply never gave it any thought at all. 

Well the other day I went to put on the festive bra shown above, and * gasp * imagine my shock and surprise when I looked down and ... the bra was not full on the one side.  No more "quadra boob" for me, now I am in danger of having to stuff that side with Kleenex, to keep the girls balanced.  The bra is now roomy enough that I can keep a leatherman in there in case of emergencies (at least in the left cup, anyways).

I do not need to break open my smaller size lingerie archive just yet, as I still have plenty of DD bras that seem to still fit.  But they are fitting much better than before, and they are much more comfortable to wear than previously. 

Last year before I started working out I would practically need the jaws of life to get into some of those bras, and god forbid anyone was nearby when I unhooked them - - - a person could lose an eye, those things were under so much tension.  Not so much any more. 

Just another sign that this weight loss is happening all over, even in places that I don't consider on a daily basis.  


  1. you go girl!! Maybe a trip to Vikki's Secret is in order. Bra fittings are the best!!

  2. http://driftwoodandsealingwax.blogspot.com/

    That's exciting! I love putting clothing and bras on and noticing that they are too big. It's way more rewarding than weigh ins for me.