Friday, 3 January 2014

Chugging along - 139 pounds down... again

This week was a good week so far as sticking to my program went.  I have finished week 2 - or should I say, I have survived week 2 - of my C25K program, and I did weights 3x this week focusing on my upper body.  Gotta keep those sculpted arms, after all.

My eating was under control, too.  Not a lot of snacking, and no "off the record" meals or treats.  What I ate, I logged.  The snacking was much better this week than before Christmas, and last night when I caught myself trying to rationalize a scoop of peanut butter before bed, I just went to bed instead of snacking.  So far, so good, in other words.

My cholesterol and A1C numbers were solidly green when I tested them this month, too.  I have had generally normal fasting blood sugar numbers for months now, but in December I was seeing a few slightly elevated numbers creep in there, likely due to the complete deviation from my normal workout routines and eating habits.  Since I have been back on track, however, the blood sugar numbers have been solidly normal, and that is reflected in my normal A1C numbers.  Whew!   

And the result of all this hard work?  I have achieved the impossible, and turned back time to the end of August.  That's right, I weighed in at 194.9 pounds this morning, down 2.5 pounds from last week at this time.  The last time I weighed this was at the end of August, before the wheels fell off.  That's 4 entire lost months down the drain.  In other words, instead of hitting my weight loss goal in January, I will be lucky to make it in May or June. 

But you know what?  That's OK.  I am happy with the progress I have made so far, and I am very happy with the results of all my hard work.  Am I disappointed that I have given up some of those hard-fought losses?  Sure I am.  Will I let that stop me from working my plan and trying to get back to where I was, and move on from there?  No way.  I have come too far.  And let's be honest, 139 pounds lost is nothing to sneeze at.  That's still a full person, and I am going to celebrate that victory for what it is. 

With that spirit, here's a recent photo in the sparkle dress:

And here's a photo of the Nerd and I looking fabulous (taken New Year's Day 2014):
Lets compare to September 2003:
Or July 2007:

Yep, I would say that the Nerd and I are looking pretty fly this year.  Even with giving back a little bit of ground in the weight loss department. 

With this week's 2.5 pound loss (1.4 pounds down from New Year's Eve alone), I am less than 10 pounds away from being a Middleweight, and less than 30 pounds away from my goal weight.  If I continue on my 1.5 pound a week average, I will now reach my target sometime around the end of May or early June.  Just in time for summer bathing suit weather again!  Bring it on!


  1. Love Your Honesty Very Inspiring. What Do You Use To Track Your Weightloss ?

    1. I use almost everything. I have an excel spreadsheet to track workouts, weekly weigh-ins, workout routines, and measurements. I use the Withings app and TactioHealth app to track weight and blood pressure.