Friday, 3 August 2012

Big progress this week

This week goes to show you that Stephen Jay Gould's theory of punctuated equilibrium may be correct, at least as it applies to workouts.  I was feeling like I was making no progress for the longest time, despite eating well and working out 6 days a week, and then BAM! this week I lost 4.1 pounds and made huge progress in my sugars, taking them down to 5.6, which is pushing the high end of the normal range. 

It may be that I had plateaued, and it merely took adding the extra 5 minutes of cardio per day to the program to see results, or it may have been a combination of factors.  Regardless, this was a very good week, and very encouraging. 

Interestingly, my knees are sore in bed at night, but they are fine when on the elliptical, even when going slowly, and they are generally fine during the day.  I don't know why that is, exactly.  Probably some mysterious knee thing.

The things that are working best for me are: the Fitbit Ultra tracker, which tells me how active I am throughout the day; the DigiFit app, which tells me what heart rate zones I am hitting during my workouts; the Withings scale and blood pressure tester; and the BeatBurn Elliptical app, which gives me a varied elliptical workout linked to my iPod music. 

That, and intertia.  I am in a real pattern of working out 6 days a week now, and have not missed a workout in at least two months.  This creates a certain muscle memory and routine that becomes difficult to miss, even on weekends. 

Fantastic progress this week - it's nice to finally break the 40 pound mark, and at 43.8 pounds lost, I have smashed it.  My next goal is to lose 50 pounds, and this is only 6.2 pounds away.  Slow and steady is the way this is going, as it should be.

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