Monday, 27 August 2012

Mondays are Always Tough...!

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Mondays are difficult days. 

All of the work that I so optimistically lug home Friday evening is still there by the door, untouched, Monday morning.  The files look accusingly at me as if to say "I thought you were going to look at me this weekend".  The weekend is full of seduction and enticements like naps, and reading for fun, and dinner with family and friends.  "You can work on that file later", the weekend whispers in my ear,  "Come with me and have a nap now on the soft pillowtop bed". 

Which leaves Monday as the day when the s - - - must hit the fan.  And it does, generally with a vengeance.

On this particular Monday, my workout went as planned.  I found it a little tough, likely because of the after-effects of falling on my knees last Friday.  I am still bruised as all heck, and my knees are sore when I stand or sit, but, luckily, they feel absolutely fine on the elliptical.  My mother was right about the elliptical being low impact.  Thank god, or else my entire workout plan would have to have been rejigged.

The pile of work I brought home is now the pile of work I must tackle at the office.  But I have a plan, so that is good.  Now to chip away at the massive stack of files on and around my desk.

I worked out this morning and ate a healthy breakfast and lunch, which is a very good thing.  As long as I can keep my personal fitness plan on track, I can manage around the work stress and overwhelming number of commitments.  Hopefully.   The key things is that I do not want to break my streak of 13 straight weeks of workouts - - I have worked too hard for that.  Monday will not take that streak away from me.

What I do know is that I can control what I eat, and when and how I exercise.  Even on a Monday.   Each new week is replete with possibilities and opportunities.  It's an opportunity for me to accomplish something I have never accomplished before.  Or to try something new.  Or to discover things about my body that I had long forgotten. 

The trick with Mondays, I think, is that you can't look too far down the road.  I am on a looonnngggg term plan, and I am not going to accomplish anything overnight.  I just need to work on the plan, and get through the day, and before you know it it will be Tuesday, and Monday's regrets will be a distant memory. 

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