Saturday, 6 October 2012

Finally, the ring comes off!

I had a major win the other day - - I was finally able to take off my school ring!

I don't wear a lot of jewelry, typically, but the one ring that I do wear is my (undergrad) school ring.  It's for the university I'm most sentimental about, because without my undergrad, I would not have been able to do my MBA or go to law school. Plus, the university was in my hometown (Edmonton, AB), and I am very sentimental about that, even though I now live clear across the country.

So I love the ring, and I wear it all the time.  I have never had it sized, so as my weight has fluctuated, the ring has migrated from finger to finger, like a wandering minstrel. 

During the first year of law school the ring was on the middle finger of my left hand, but eventually I gained so much weight (even in my fingers) that the ring had to move over to the ring finger on my right hand.  And there it stayed.  Eventually I gained so much weight that the ring simply wouldn't come off at all - it was stuck - and by this time last year I had put on so much weight that the ring was starting to dig into my finger at times. 

As I have been losing weight, however, I have been losing weight everywhere, including in my fat little sausage fingers.  The ring started getting loose, and over time became very loose - - so much so that it drove me crazy when I was on the elliptical in the mornings, because it kept spinning around my finger. 

With all of my weight loss (more than 60 pounds to date, yay!) I figured that the ring was eventually going to come off, and I kept trying it week by week.  And week by week, my knuckle would get in the way.  Until this week, when I was able to pry the ring off my finger.  Sure, it took a little muscle power and some hand cream (OK, a lot of hand cream), and I made some unladylike noises, but the ring came off! 

This is significant because the ring hasn't come off my finger in literally years.  In fact, the ring has been jammed on that finger so long that it has actually left a divot in my finger, as shown in the photo at right. 

Now I have the same worries most women do - - wondering where I put my ring, or worrying that the ring will fall off.  And that is kind of cool.

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