Wednesday, 3 October 2012

You win some, you lose some

On the good side, my back is almost completely better from whatever the heck it was that happened to it a week and a half ago.  I generally have few, if any, twinges, and no longer find my movement impeded by pain in my back.  That's all very good.

But in the last couple of days I have noticed that my left knee has started to bother me. 
Photo (c) Nevit Dilmen, licensed CC-BY-SA
Walking to work both Monday morning and this morning, my knee would occasionally threaten to buckle.  It was not so much pain, per se, as just a general feeling that the joint is not doing all that it should, and that it could give out suddenly, at any moment.

It's true that I have never had the best knees in the world, and particularly in the last few years when I was at my heaviest, I noticed that my knees were not so good at doing things like bending. In fact, that's how I pulled my groin moving downtown a couple of years ago - - I could not comfortably bend my knees to unpack my boxes, so I ended up thrusting out my leg and bending from the waist, like a giraffe at a drinking hole, which put a lot of pressure on my adductors in that leg.  Hello, groin pull! 

I am getting better at moving, generally, with my weight loss, but the knees are slow to come back.  Going up the stairs in my apartment in the morning (after working out) is torture, and going down the stairs at my office when leaving for the day always makes me feel that I am about to topple over. 

I would love to do stair exercises and squats like I used to do, but for now, the knees are not going to play along.  Perhaps that is something I can consider when I drop 70 pounds...

For now, though, I am watching that knee like a hawk.  I still have factory original parts in my body, and I want to keep it that way. 

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