Sunday, 14 October 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my 45th birthday.

Yep.  45.  I am knee deep in the 35-49 demographic that marketers don't give a shit about.  I am officially in my mid-40s, and I think this makes me a cougar.  Gack.

The thing is, I don't feel like a 45 year old woman.  45 year old women are old people, and I am young.  In my head I am more like a 36-37 year old than someone in my mid-40s.  Isn't 45 the new 35?  Let's say yes.

Of course, as with every birthday, I have spent a lot of the day reviewing the decisions I have made in my life, and considering where I am now. 

Last spring, I looked like this:

I looked for other photos of myself, and couldn't find a damn one other than the terrible photo on my law firm's website (from August 2011).  Since I have already posted that photo in my blog, I scoured other peoples' Facebook pages in the hopes of finding a candid photo from that time. 

Like many other overweight people, I actively avoided opportunities to have my picture taken.  Need a photographer?  I can do it!  Slightly out of frame?  That's the perfect spot to stand.  Hey, look, is that a giant plant?  I'll go there.  Despite that, it appears that the Nerd's sister captured me at one of the family dinners last spring, for the above photo.  Ah well, I will never be a ninja.

This evening, I look like this.  Please forgive the utter lack of makeup and the out of control hair:

As for where I stand this year, I am generally happy.  Sure, money is tight and work is very stressful, but I am in a solid relationship, and my job is one that I am lucky and privileged to have.  I live in a nice apartment, in a neat part of town. 

And I am taking control of my health and fitness.  I am working out daily, and paying attention to what I eat.  I am fuelling my body with healthy food, and seeking to push myself a little bit more every week.  I am in a much better place emotionally than I was last year at this time.  And with luck, next year will be even better...!

Happy birthday to me!

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