Sunday, 29 July 2012

Crying tears of carb tracking sadness...

It's day 3 of trying to diligently track my carbs, and I am already horrified. 

Photo Courtesy Raymond Gilford, Licensed CC-BY-ND

As it happens, alcohol is high in both calories and carbs, facts which I suppose I knew in the back of my mind, but which previously had little salience for me.  I tracked food diligently, but considered alcohol to be invisible, for some reason, and I never tracked it. 

I now see why.

Last night we went to the roof, as is our custom, and I had a Mike's Hard Lemonade.  As it turns out, one bottle of Mike's has 220 calories (!) and a whopping 38 carbs (!!).  I shudder to think how many calories/carbs I was ingesting over the holidays, when I could drink several Mike's at a sitting. 

Similarly, this morning, I took a look at my morning coffee.  It has been my habit to take my coffee very sweet and light, and on Sunday mornings I would have a slug of Baileys Irish Cream.  Delicious.  The Nerd took a look at the numbers for our typical coffee, and they netted out to too many calories to count, and almost 60g (!!!) of carbs.  To put those numbers in perspective, they are the equivalent of one full meal.  And we would have several of these.  Horrifying. 

I am sad to say that alcohol can no longer be invisible.  And my coffee can no longer  be sweet and light.  As a lawyer, these may be the biggest lifestyle changes required yet.

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