Sunday, 1 July 2012

Still a loser...

Photo Courtesy Amelia Reising, Licensed CC BY NC SA
... of weight and inches, that is.

So, another month down, more inches lost.  And I managed to lose 2.1 pounds last week, bringing me back below my previous low mark, for a total of 36.5 pounds lost. 

Since I've started working out, I've lost 4.4" on my bust, 3" off my waist, and 3.1" off my hips.  My hips are really frustrating me, because they are the part of me that is keeping me from dropping down to a size 22 - I need to cut a further 2" of those bad boys, which is not happening.  Yet.  I am confident that the elliptical will help me make big strides in that direction this month, since the butt and legs are the parts of me that feel the burn the most on that machine. 

Just for kicks I tried to do 10 minutes on the elliptical yesterday on the manual setting (because all the other settings were far too difficult to do more than 2 minutes at a time...), and it seemed to work.  I still had to take a couple of pauses in there, and my left leg was really shaky after getting off the machine, but I could do the full 10 minutes relatively comfortably, which is good.

I have so far "earned" $6.30 with the Gym-Pact app, because I have hit my 5x/week workout Pact each of the last two weeks.  Apparently one can withdraw money to one's Paypal account once there is a balance of $10 or more, which should happen in a couple of weeks, assuming I leave the target as 5 workouts per week, and assuming that I hit the target each week (and assuming, of course, that the organization behind the app does not abscond with all the funds after becoming over-leveraged, Ponzi-like). 

I have also downloaded a new app, DigiFit, which has a heart rate tracking mechanism that is intriguing to me.  I do not have a heart rate monitor that speaks to the app yet, but it is on the way, and this will hopefully give me additional metrics I can use to analyse my workouts.  The app is particularly designed for hikers, walkers, cyclists, walkers and people taking a spin class - elliptical machines are not specifically mentioned, but I suppose they fall under the general category of "cardio".  I plan on giving this app a try once the new heart rate monitor arrives, and I will let you know how I like the app then.

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