Sunday, 22 July 2012

New App...

We had family over to the Palatial Estate last evening for dinner, and the Nerd's sister mentioned that she was loving MyFitnessPal, which had both a web interface and an app for her to track her exercise and food consumed. 

It all sounds very much like the LoseIt! app I have been enjoying so much, except that MyFitnessPal offers one massive, significant advantage - - it allows you to input the ingredients for a recipe, and then calculates the calories in a meal for you, for those meals that we create from scratch rather than buy off the shelf.

Now I don't know about you, but I have found that my consumption of pre-packaged foods has dramatically decreased in the 27 weeks since I have been actively working out.  Now, instead of eating an entire box of Kraft Dinner (still one of my all-time favourite foods), I am eating a serving from a leftover home cooked meal.  A home cooked meal from a cookbook that is not necessarily found in the standard food database. 

So far I have put 4 recipes into the program, and have been shocked and delighted by the results.  Shocked because of how many calories we are actually eating at times (I won't even tell you how many calories SPAM luncheon meat has per serving), and delighted at how simple the program has been to use.  Both the iPad app and the web-interface have been great, and I recommend them to anyone who is serious about tracking their food.

Now the problem is that both LoseIt! and MyFitnessPal both talk to my Fitbit, and provide me with summary reports etc.  That's not an issue, but each seems to want to be my "one and only" - I suspect that these two apps do not play well with each other. 

I will keep tracking on both apps during the upcoming week, to see how they stack up and which I prefer.  Details to follow.

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