Saturday, 21 July 2012

Something is missing...

Photos courtesy Maggie Q. Magniloquent, Some Rights Reserved

Can you tell what is missing between these two photos?  It's subtle, and easy to miss...that's right - - the rowing machine is gone!  Having switched all of my workouts over to the ellipitical machine a few weeks ago, it was time to see if the recumbent bike and the rowing machine could find new homes where they would be given the attention they deserved.

To that end, last night I placed two ads on Kijiji (aka the Canadian Craigslist), offering both the bike and the rowing machine for sale for pennies on the dollar, to the first person who wanted to pick them up.

The faithful, 10 year old recumbent bike has been getting very little love, and who could blame them?  An old strap-tension system instead of magnets or air resistance?  Who even does that any more?  The answer: no one.  That's because the bike is 10 years old, long before air resistance or magnets were the cool thing to do.  But the bike still works great, and has been a faithful exercise companion for years, without complaint. 

The rowing machine, on the other hand, excited a veritable feeding frenzy of interest, with the first email coming after only minutes of the post going live.  To be fair, the rower was in fantastic condition, and I was asking around $200 for something I paid $1,000 for only last year.  But with the arrival of the elliptical, the rowing machine was surplus to requirements, so it had to go.  And go it did - - this afternoon, to a nice couple who drove down from Woodbridge.  I probably could have gotten more for the machine but I wanted it gone quickly and they had a truck (and a mittful of cash), so in the end, it was a win-win.  The nice couple left a couple of hundred dollars poorer and one rowing machine richer, and I now have more space in my workout room.

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