Saturday, 26 January 2013

How to lose 20 pounds instantly [with pics]

We're bumping up against the tail end of January, 2013, and it has been a successful week. 

I discovered that striding on the elliptical 130 strides per minute is both possible and easier than I expected (!) when I put a playlist of 130+ bpm songs on my iPad.  The time passes much faster, and I am finding it easier to maintain my stride rate with music at the right tempo.  I am finding the elliptical more fun as a result, and it is certainly working.  Only a couple of weeks ago I found it difficult to hit and maintain 130 strides a minute, and now, with the right music, it's much easier.  Plus, the increased stride rate is doing wonders for my Fitbit step count ...!

But now for the fun stuff - - did I work out according to plan, and did I lose any weight?  Yes and yes. 

This week marks 35 weeks without missing a workout, and 53 weeks of working out overall.  I continued to eat well (thanks to the Nerd), and was able to hit the weights and the elliptical as planned.  I took the weights up to 4 sets of 10 reps at 6 pounds, adding another set.  It seems to be working, as the Nerd commented that my shoulders are looking more toned.  Yay for free weights!

My only regret is that the Nerd and I were not able to do boxing more than once this week.  Between me forgetting my iPad (with the combinations) at the office one evening, and me working late last night in preparation for a refusals motion in Ottawa on Monday, we just weren't able to make it work.  I have located a wall-mounted heavy bag solution that may solve our problems, though - - we can each work out individually this way, and still get to hit things.  I will let you know if I pick it up - - the big issue right now is where to hang the thing, what with the fact that most of the place is filled with bookshelves.  First world problem, I know...

This week was a fantastic one for weight loss - - I went down to 241.6, for a loss of 2.2 pounds this week (down 92.3 pounds overall).  The Nerd also had a fantastic week, losing 2.2 pounds to get down to 184.3 pounds, which is below his second goal weight.  Now he's shooting for 170, or welterweight.  I am still looking to reach light-heavy for now (grin).

I am still on track to hit my goal weight sometime in early 2014, which is very motivating:

Next week will be interesting, as it is the end of the month, and you know what that means: MEASUREMENTS!  I can't wait to see how things are shaking out. 

Last week I was feeling frumpy because I had lost so much weight that my primary suits were all 2 sizes too large, but I had not yet gone down to the next size in my clothing archive.  Many people had good suggestions for places to find affordable clothes - - consignment stores, thrift shops, the internet - - and some even suggested that I wade through the old size 18 clothing archive to see if anything fit.

As it happens, one of the suits fit perfectly, while another one of the jackets almost fit.  In all, my size 18 archive has 4 suits: 1 navy (almost fits), 1 periwinkle blue (the jacket is soooo close), 1 burgundy, and 1 green tweed.  The green tweed is cut more generously than the other suits, and actually fits fine.  Picture me doing my happy dance last night.  Nice things about this - - i) I am closer to going down a size than I thought; ii) I will shortly have "new" clothes to spice up my wardrobe, and they will fit for a while; and iii) these suits are not my usual funereal black.  There is nothing camoflagey about a green tweed or a periwinkle blue suit - - they scream "look at me!".  Not my usual style, but it's time to bust them out, I think.

For shits and giggles I tried on the green tweed suit and compared it to my old size 24 clown suit.  The difference was striking:

Clothing that fits makes you look more professional, to be sure, but I never realized how frumpy the old suit was until I looked at the photo, above.  I was astonished, and appalled, and the suit immediately went into the box for donations. 

So let that be a lesson to you, kids.  If you want to look like you suddenly lost weight, put on clothing that fits.  This old loose stuff is doing you no favours. 

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