Thursday, 31 January 2013

Some days are just harder than others...

Ever get the feeling that lifestyle change is an endless, Sisyphean task?  That we spend every day running ourselves ragged trying to eat well and exercise and do all that good stuff, only to have to start from scratch the next day?  And the day after that ... and the day after that ... and the day after that ... [repeat forever].

Perhaps I am feeling a little maudlin because my last two workouts have been torture.  Yesterday, I can understand, because we did not have the window open in the room where the elliptical lives, and it was uncomfortably warm while I was working out.  Toronto was experiencing an unseasonably warm day, and this, combined with the lack of air circulation, completely sapped my energy.  I could barely keep the stride rate above 122 strides per minute, let alone the 130 strides per minute that had been my recent target.

Today, the window was open and outside temperatures were low, so heat should not have been a problem.  I certainly worked out all summer when that room was much warmer without any complaint.  So why was I so low-energy today?

I'm not sure what the reason was, other than today's malaise may have been due to the fact that I was a pint low after having donated blood yesterday.  All I know is that for the last two days my workouts have been things to be endured rather than things that I do as part of my routine.

Even the Nerd was feeling it today - - he said that his workout was similarly low energy.  Strange.

Just as a precaution we're going to put a fan in front of the elliptical before tomorrow's workout, just to make sure that: i) I am not overheating; and ii) that my hair blows back all sexy-like, just like in commercials.  You can't underestimate the importance of sexy hair when you're working out.   Trust me on this.

The main thing is that I need to push through this, and get back into my happy workout routine.  If I am so weak and uncomfortable working out that I begin to dread getting on the elliptical, it will undermine my whole routine and begin to unravel all the good habits I have spent so much time building up.  I need to keep going, and stick to my workouts, but I also need them to be comfortable.

So for now, step 1 is the fan.  We'll see if sexy hair does the trick and puts kick back into my step. 

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  1. Whoa, I'd say the pint less of blood could be the culprit on the second day for sure. My boyfriend donates twice a week, and even though he is pretty used to it he doesn't care to work out on days that he donates.
    Maybe you are just getting bored with the elliptical because you have used it so much? Could trying some new routine help? I've got about 30 workout dvds (got rid of all the ones I didn't care for, too) that I change up constantly to keep my brain happy. I switch it up between aerobics, hula dancing, salsa, pilates, yoga, and hand weights to keep the daily workout thing interesting. Used to have a membership at Anytime and loved the elliptical and machines, but couldn't afford it anymore.
    Hope February will blow away your workout boredom blues!